With new rooftop flooring from Skyscapes, you’ll enjoy your outdoor urban living space in a whole new way.

Durable, Water-Resistant Outdoor Flooring for Rooftops

Why go out to a rooftop bar when you can enjoy the cityscape from your own home?

The sunset over downtown Toronto will look gorgeous from your brand new rooftop deck or patio.

Take advantage of your rooftop access with our Ipe Structural Paver Tiles to create the floating deck of your dreams.

Whether you prefer a sleek modern look or classic hardwood, our high quality, modular roof tiles and quick installation will turn your drab outdoor space into a heavenly oasis.


Your cold concrete floor is a thing of the past. With our gorgeous Ipe modular deck tiles, we can create an inviting and stunning outdoor space on your membrane roof, over an existing deck, or over joist framing.

Using adjustable height pedestals, our high quality wooden and porcelain tiles are the perfect solution for creating an even floating deck over cracked, sloped, or uneven roofs and balconies.

Discover which pavers are best for your project, or contact us for a free in-home consultation in the Greater Toronto area! We’ll help you choose a durable and attractive solution for your outdoor space.

Highest quality Products Guaranteed

All of our products carry a 10 to 20 year warranty

For Rooftop Flooring We recommend the following products:

Ipe Hardwood Pavers

Furnished balcony with Ipe Hardwood Structural Deck Tile Flooring

A classic, elegant hardwood deck is perfect for a rooftop entertainment space! Our EcoDeck Ipe Structural Wooden Deck Tiles are designed specifically for elevated flooring and floating decks on roofs, especially on uneven, cracked, or sloping surfaces. No need to keep hanging out on your membrane roof, concrete slab, or sloping asphalt — we install our high quality EcoDeck Ipe Structural 2x2ft Pavers with adjustable height pedestals for a cost effective solution that doesn’t damage your roof. Best of all, these outdoor deck tiles are easily removable for roof repair. 

Porcelain Pavers

If a clean, modern look is more your style, you’ll love our  Porcelain Structural Deck Tiles. These condo bylaw compliant porcelain pavers come in ten stunning colors so you can truly customize the look of your rooftop flooring. Our modular floating deck system works over an existing rooftop deck, a membrane roof, a sloped asphalt surface or a cracked concrete patio, so you don’t have to damage your existing space in order to create a more appealing outdoor haven. The adjustable height pedestals allow you to hide unsightly wires, hoses, or anything else underneath your new rooftop patio so your simple, stunning solution doesn’t skimp on practicality.

What sets our Ipe Decking Tiles apart from other deck tiles?

What makes our Porcelain Pavers the right choice for you?

How do our Ipe & Porcelian pavers and adjustable height pedestals work together?

Our rooftop flooring solutions work for a wide variety of surfaces when installed with adjustable height pedestals. Our Ipe pavers are specifically designed to snap into these pedestals with four tiles to each support. Set your desired patio height to design the rooftop deck of your dreams! The sturdy adjustable bases and lightweight paver roofing tiles create perfectly even, load bearing decks, terraces, and patios even over cracked concrete, sloped asphalt, membrane roofs, and preexisting decks.

No glue, nails, grout, or staples necessary; tiles are securely fastened to the structural pedestal system deck, leaving your roof untouched and aligned with condo bylaws. You can even bring your deck with you when you move! We only trust the best in the industry to support our outdoor decks, which is why we use both VersiJack® and SpiraPave® structural pedestals. Most floating floor rooftop installations take our experts one day to install! From our in-house consultation to completion, you can have a new rooftop in less than two weeks!

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