Ipe Exoctic Wood Pavers

If you’ve got a challenging outdoor surface, these pavers are the answer to creating a stunning and livable outdoor space you and your family will love. Plus, our floating deck tiles are easy to remove for roof maintenance!

Sustainably sourced High Quality Exotic wood Pavers

Our team travels to Bolivia to source exotic wooden structural tiles directly, while also working with a long term established Ipe paver suppliers.

Nothing is better than a gorgeous hardwood rooftop deck overlooking Toronto, and these 2×2 or 2×4 ft pavers offer an attractive removable solution that preserves your roof membrane and works for sloped asphalt surfaces.

designed for Building raised wood Structures

Our Ipe wood pavers can go in different surfaces like patios, rooftops, balconies and terraces. 

Weatherproof, 20+ Year Durability and Low Maintenance

Low profile decking, great for railing height restrictions, door thresholds

Condo board approved with 10 year Warranty

All products are completely removable and abide by condo bylaws. All of our products carry a 10-year warranty, that is can be executed directly through Skyscapes.

Ipe highlights

  • Low profile decking, great for railing height restrictions, door thresholds
  • Floating decking system, no need to fasten down to the membrane or surface below
  • The use of pedestals can create different decking heightsList Item #3
  • Decking system is completely removable to access membrane below

Adjustable Height Pedestals

Our structural tiles are specifically designed for use with adjustable height pedestals as a cost effective means of creating elegant, perfectly horizontal, load bearing decks over sloping, uneven, cracked or unsightly concrete surfaces or rooftops.

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