Shrink wrap your outdoor furniture and accessories & protect your investment from the effects of our harsh Canadian winters

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Skyscapes Premium Shrinkwrapping

Protect your Valuable Posessions!

We also shrink wrap large items such as cars, boats, recreational vehicles, machinery and industrial equipment – pretty much any large item you want to protect from weather and other damage.

We use the highest quality
Shrink Wrap

Our premium shrink wrap products from Dr. Shrink are made of 100% virgin resin materials with maximum UV inhibitors to prevent the polyethylene from breaking down from exposure to ultraviolet rays. This product is perfect for our cold climates as the EVA added to the film keeps the polyethylene soft & flexible in sub-freezing temperatures. All of our wraps are Made in Canada and are recyclable using the REBAG® Recycling Bags.

Shrink wrap will securely protect your outdoor furniture and accessories (such as your BBQ, patio heaters, and outdoor kitchen) from damage due to wind, snow, rain, sun, animals, pests, fallen leaves, and every-day “dust”.

Shrink wrap is light and will conform to the shape of your items, proving durable, wind-proof, and watertight protection

Benefits of Shrink Wrapping vs using Tarp

Why wrap and not tarp?

  • Leaves, snow, and animals will get under a tarp and make their home with your gear for the winter, causing damage and dirtying your items
  • Water will pool on your tarp and if not removed, make a lovely attraction for birds and bugs, which means more mess for you to deal with in the spring
  • The ropes you use to tie down your tarp will press against your gear and cause indentations or abrasions when the wind kicks up
  • Who wants to hear tarps flapping around in the middle of a cold winter night? Not you!

Advantages of Shrink Wrap

  • We stack your items safely on your patio or deck, then shrink-wrap them on-site – no moving or storage costs
  • We install small vents to prevent condensation under the wrap, preventing rotting, rusting and mildew. Your items remain clean and dry all winter
  • The size of your combined items does not matter – we can safely and effectively wrap almost any size and shape
  • Tightly wrapped items help deter theft and vandalism
  • Come Spring, just remove the wrap and all your gear will be clean and ready to use – no need for harsh chemicals or power washing.

Protect your household items proffesionally for the winter or for safe storage

Not just patio furniture!

Almost anything can be shrink-wrapped – even a house!

  • Boats, cars, airplanes, recreational vehicles
  • Machinery and industrial equipment
  • Storage sheds
  • Bulk items for safe shipping

Depending on the specific project, we also provide rust-inhibitor protection, air venting and other protective strategies to ensure your items looks as good on the day you un-wrap them as on the day they were wrapped.


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