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Whether you’re a contractor, business owner, or a home improvement enthusiast, our durable, eco-friendly decking squares will transform your outdoor space from boring to blissful.

While we offer installation all across the Greater Toronto area, we want to offer the highest quality, affordable flooring tiles to contractors throughout Canada.

These innovative flooring options will impress even the most discerning clients without breaking the bank. Take your imagination to the limits with beautiful tile patterns and color options exclusively available from Skyscapes!

Buy your outdoor flooring from us to quickly and easily renovate a variety of outdoor spaces, like condo balconies, terraces, apartment common areas, rooftop decks and patios, saunas and outdoor showers, and commercial restaurant and bar spaces. Our pedestal system decks are perfect for covering old, damaged, or discolored surfaces without further damaging what’s underneath.

No need for glue, nails, staples, or any extensive installation expertise. Select one or more of our wood and composite deck tiles and we will gladly help you design a gorgeous pattern and installation plan for your new rooftop or balcony flooring.

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Our customer reviews speak for themselves – we operate with integrity to provide exceptional customer service. Skyscapes always gets the job done right the first time, guaranteed. We go above and beyond to ceate your ideal patio, terrace, deck, or balcony with complimentary, in-home consultations across Toronto. Beyond installation, we offer exotic wood flooring maintenance, deck light installation, wood oiling, custom deck design, and furniture shrink wrapping to help make your dream outdoor space a reality.

Which Outdoor Flooring Tiles Are Right For you?

Premium Duo Composite Outdoor Flooring Deck Tiles

These 2×1 foot interlocking deck tiles from Dura Composites provide a beautiful modern look to any flat surface. Perfect for patios, decks, balconies, and terraces, these innovative decking squares remain locked into place in even the harshest winters.

Our eco-friendly WPC outdoor flooring feature a wood grain pattern and two new colours that appeal to the traditionalist and the sleek designer alike. Install quickly and easily for a deck that lasts decades. Learn more about the Dura Composite tiles, balcony flooring installation, and specifications in our brochure.  

Available in 3 Colors

Oak Dura Composite Deck Tile for Outdoor Flooring Installation

Grey Oak


Silver Birch


These Dura Tile composite decking tiles from Dura Composites are unlike any other decking squares on the market today. Our innovative and beautiful deck tiles require a different installation process than our wooden deck tiles, so please read the attached brochure carefully to ensure that your installation is successful. 

While this gorgeous terrace might look like a floating deck, it’s actually the robust design of the Dura Tile; with a state of the art interlocking base and built in connecting tabs, these precision made composite timber modules are as smart as they are beautiful. Save time, energy, and money by installing the Dura Tile at your home, business, or next client project. Try alternating between laying tiles horizontally and vertically for a stunning design. 

Please note: improper installation of non-approved trims and accessories will void your product warranty, so give the brochure a second look before you start.

Charcoal Dura composite down shot showing deck tile dimensions

Available in 2 Colors



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All Dura Composite Deck Tiles are Condo Board Approved, Visually Stunning & Carry a 12 Year Warranty

Ipe (Brazilian Walnut) Outdoor Flooring Deck Tiles

The gorgeous Brazilian Ipe hardwood flooring tiles are a dream for sustainably-minded shoppers! 

These long-lasting decking squares rank high on the durability scale, so while it may be challenging to work with at first, this hefty wood makes for beautiful balcony flooring that stays in place year after year.

 Our Ipe deck tiles are harvested from sustainable forest and come with a certificate of authenticity. Plus, since the wood does not absorb moisture, it naturally resists rot, insects, decay, and mold, making it the perfect year-round flooring solution for balconies, terraces, and patios. Ask us about custom sizing!

Real wood heavy-duty tile with four slats. Face-on view. Beautiful appearance with dark wood grains on dark brown Ipe wood. Photograph. Outdoor Floors' white logo at bottom of image.


For a warmer, cozy look, Garapa exotic wood floor tiles are the way to go. These stunning tiles are made from a fine grain wood that is easier to work with than Ipe. 

These shorties of wood naturally have a golden to yellowish brown color, making them a great match for homes and condos with warm tones. The dense, durable timber stave off rot and decay for years with minimal maintenance.  We love this wood decking square on a flat rooftop. 

Heavy-duty hardwood four-slat outdoor flooring tile. Face-on view of Garapa wood showing rich, natural wood grain on a slight amber hued deck tile.

Curupay Outdoor Flooring Deck Tiles

The unique colors of Curupay, or Tigerwood as its often called, bed to be noticed. This exotic wood offers lots of variation in the grain for a visually interesting floor that can make visitors forget there’s a skyline at all! 

Over time, sun exposure increases the richness of the color, making Curupay decking squares a great long-term investment. Between its stunning natural sheen and high resistance to decay and rot, it’s sure to win the hearts of clients everywhere. Ask us about custom sizing!

Heavy-duty hardwood four-slat outdoor flooring tile. Face-on view of Curupay wood showing rich, natural wood grain on a slight amber hued deck tile.


The classic pavement look of the Porcelain Structural Deck Tiles make these decking squares a perfect choice for the modern home. 

Where many other floor tiles dare not go, the  Porcelain Tiles for balconies and rooftop decks are the perfect modular option; using our adjustable or fixed height  pedestals, this tiles offer a stunning outdoor flooring solution to uneven, cracked, or sloping surfaces — even on membrane roofs! 

The quick and easy installation makes these tiles a contractor or DIY person’s dream, so you can create a floating deck that will wow year after year.  


Building decks on roofs and other outdoor flooring projects can be a challenge for contractors, but these EcoDeck Ipe Structural Wooden Deck Tiles make creating a rooftop oasis into a breeze!

These high quality hardwood paver squares offer a quick, easy, modular installation using our floating pedestal supports. That means, while they also work great on a terrace or balcony, these tiles are the easiest way to create a gorgeous space over a cracked, uneven, or sloped roof. Even over an old deck, these stunning tiles are a great solution.

These 2×2 or 2×4 ft. pavers can make outdoor flooring less of a chore and more of a treat, so start your next project today!

Ipe Hardwood structural tiles

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