Exotic Hardwood
Deck Tile

Our dense exotic hardwood decking tiles are an environmentally friendly alternative to typical wood floors with minimal maintenance; plus, did we mention you can bring them with you when you move? Made for any flat surface.

Eco-Exotic wood Interlocking Deck tiles

These gorgeous exotic wood deck tiles are available in 3 varieties of wood and each provides their own respective colours: Ipe is a dark brown, Garapa has a golden colour, and Curupay is known for its red and burgundy tiger stripes. Each deck tile has 4 boards of the chosen exotic wood mounted to the patented base. Board lengths are 12 or 24 inches depending on the size selected.

exotic wood outdoor deck tile patio

We know these durable, ultra thick (33mm) outdoor flooring tiles will look beautiful for decades to come. 

The polyethylene interlocking base allows water, dirt, and snow to drain, making this the perfect solution for transforming your boring concrete outdoor space and withstand harsh Canadian winters.

Three Exotic Wood
Types available

Ipe is a dark brown, Garapa has a golden colour, and Curupay is known for its red and burgundy tiger stripes.

Ipe 1 by 1 foot deck tile down shot
Structural Wood Deck Tiles
curupay balcony flooring deck tile


Transform washed out and cracked concrete areas or other flat outdoor surfaces in your home into a deck you can enjoy years to come.

Designed  for maximum water drainage and breathability preventing the accumulation of surface water on your tiles and floor area.

See the difference our exotic wood deck tiles
does to your home

before after

Highest quality Products Guaranteed

All of our products carry a 10 to 20 year warranty

Thicker than all big box store tiles

Our tiles are thicker and do not warp with moisture or weather exposure. We sell the thickest, more durable wind tested exotic wood tile in North America. Each deck tile has 4 boards of the chosen exotic wood mounted to the patented base. Board lengths are 12 or 24 inches depending on the size selected.

Exotic ECO Wood

Ecologically sourced exotic wood , termite proof

Long Lifespan

Build to last up to 40 years

Mould Resistant

Perfect for all weathers and outdoor condition.

Low Maintenance

No sanding, chipping, or staining – just occasional oiling

Anti-slip Surface

Prevent falls in our outdoor space with these slip resistant deck tiles

Interlocking easy Install

Easily remove your outdoor flooring without damaging the product

Teak Dura composite back shot showing deck tile dimensions


The plastic grid is designed with drainage mind and prevents water from accumulating in your outdoor surfaces.  Our patented base design requires no drilling or screws and can be easily installed in a wide range of surfaces. The click in installation allows us to cover up your flooring area very quick and can be easily removed when needed.


These deck tile trims or edges allows you to give you outdoor flooring installation the perfect finished look it deserves. These interlocking end pieces are designed to clip into the base and hides it to provide a clean look to your new outdoor space.