Our LED lights are a great addition to any of our outdoor Flooring products.

What’s more inviting than a well-lit condo balcony?

LED lights define the perimeter of the space, and are a great way to extend the usable hours of your home or condos outdoor space.

Our LED Lights carry a 10-year warranty


Small cords and connectors allow them to be easily hidden when installed​

Plug and Play cords

Easily install and replace lights

Install 8 to 78 Lights

Choose the number of lights that suite your space

LED-Lighting Process


Pick Your

When selecting the LED light, it is best to envision how you will be using the space. 

Our rimmed LED lights and puck lights are the most popular


Choose Your Placement


The LED lights are best used to define elements of the space, perimeter, planters, stairs, doorways and sometimes design elements in the center of the space.

Puck lights are best used in river rock gardens or as uplighting on large plants




Set Power Control

The standard is to use a photosensitive timer to determine when the lights turn on and off each day.

This is included in our standard install package. Dimmers, phone app-controlled settings, and remote control settings can be added to the lighting packages.




Waterproof outdoor system

Low Profile LED lights

We have 3 Types of LED lights

Puck Light

Flush Light

Rimmed Light

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