From Balcony to Sanctuary

Turn your outdoor space overlooking the Toronto skyline into a relaxing retreat for you and your family with our balcony and terrace flooring installations.

Durable, Water-Resistant, wind tested balcony Flooring

Your beautiful balcony was a huge perk when you bought your condo, but the unappealing concrete floor might be keeping you inside. Let’s turn your terrace into a sky-high haven with our stunning composite decking tiles or exotic wood decking solutions? 

You’ve got prime real estate in the growing Greater Toronto area, and brand new balcony flooring is certain to add immense value to your home — both property value and personal value. That means more glasses of wine overlooking the urban landscape! 

Whether you like a sleek, stylish look or prefer timeless hardwood, our modular interlocking deck tiles and fast flooring installation are the perfect choice for a balcony you’re bound to love, just in time for summer.


Build the Balcony of Your Dreams with Dura Composite or Exotic Hardwood Patio Tiles

Take any level surface – like a concrete floor or preexisting deck – to the next level with our attractive outdoor flooring options. We work with innovative interlocking decking systems to create condo board approved surfaces for your balcony or terrace.

Forget the tiles from the big box store; our decking squares are twice the weight, and have a patented base ensuring that they stay in place even in inclement Ontario winters and heavy wind. Both our composite deck tiles and exotic wood tiles lock into place with hidden high quality stainless steel fasteners for a durable deck that lasts up to 40 years!

Pick your favorite tile or let us help you choose the best deck flooring for your custom outdoor entertainment area. You’ll be ready to start hosting parties in no time with our quick and easy installation.

Highest quality Products Guaranteed

All of our products carry a 10 to 20 year warranty

For Rooftop Flooring We recommend the following products:


Our environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced composite deck flooring tiles are the way to go for your brand new terrace! Whether you prefer a traditional timber appearance or something more modern, we design and install gorgeous balcony flooring that transforms your balcony into an entertaining space you can’t wait to show off. 

Interlocking Hardwood
Deck Tiles


Bring beauty to your balcony with our Eco Arbor Exotic Wood Decking. At Skyscapes, we offer hardwood without the waste; our Eco Deck hardwoods are guaranteed certified for sustainable harvesting, making them a great choice for environmentally conscious condo owners and businesses. 

The difference is obvious! Our composite deck tiles leave big box competitors in the dust.

Our low maintenance, low profile decking tiles are great for condo owners looking to refresh their space with a removable solution that can move with them. Our composite decking squares are installed on a polyethylene interlocking decking frame that keeps your tiles in place no matter the weather. Create a custom design or check out this inspiration for stylish balconies. Your new terrace will be as beautiful as the Toronto skyline with our Dura composite deck tiles.

We know you’ll love our Dura Composite Deck Tiles because they are:

Our Dura Composite Deck Tiles are Condo Board Approved, Visually Stunning & Protected with a 12 Year Warranty

Warping of deck tiles depends on thickness and quality of the base. Ours versus competitors. Tile thickness makes a huge difference; one that could lead to total failure of cheap quality, thinner tiles. Applies not only to wood floor tiles but also composites (WPC).

We have the Thickest Exotic Hardwood Interlocking Deck Tile on the North American market (33 mm)

These interlocking tiles feature a strong polyethylene underside which hides the mechanics that lock our hardwood decking tiles together, while you and your guests see classic grained hardwood make from eco-friendly and affordable wood “shorts.” These dense, high quality woods last year after year, and the interlocking design allows you to uninstall and reinstall your terrace flooring if you move. Get gorgeous hardwood you can feel good about for your outdoor entertainment space.


Our Eco Arbor Wooden Deck Tiles are Low Maintenance & Protected with a 10 Year Warranty


One side of our interlocking tiles showcases the beautiful composite design or exotic hardwood you admire, but what is happening underneath the surface?

The polyethylene base is what truly sets our EcoWood tiles and Dura composite tiles apart. With a heavier weight and ten rust free, stainless steel fasteners on each 1 foot board, our outdoor flooring stays in place even in the heavy wind and inclement weather typical for Toronto.


Our 33mm thick decking squares are #1 in the industry for quality and manufacturing precision, meaning that they fit together perfectly every time. Year after year, your tiles stay secure until you are ready to move them to a new home. Big box tiles pale in comparison to our security, durability, and beauty.

An audible snap into place ensures that each piece is properly installed. We don’t use glue, grout, staples, or nails; everything remains in place by clicking into the patented base design. Most installations take just one day to complete, meaning that you can have a brand new balcony within only two weeks of your in-house consultation.