Sustainably sourced High Quality Exotic wood Pavers in Annex

Our professional team travels to Bolivia to source the number one exotic wooden structural tiles directly, while also working with a long term established Ipe paver suppliers. We offer the best pricing in Annex for balcony flooring in Canada due to the volume and quality outdoor flooring Pavers that we purchase.

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Nothing is better than the most gorgeous hardwood rooftop deck overlooking Annex, and these 2×2 or 2×4 ft pavers offer an attractive removable solution that preserves your rooftop membrane and works for sloped asphalt surfaces outdoors.
Building decks for balcony flooring on rooftops and other outdoor flooring projects can be a challenge for Annex contractors, but these EcoDeck Ipe Structural Wooden Deck Tiles make creating the best rooftop oasis into a breeze in Annex!

The Best Ipe Decking Maintenance For Outdoor Flooring

Ipe decking in Annex will last for many years without being treated, however, we recommend you treat it every year for the first 5 years and then about every 2 – 4 years after that. This will keep your quality balcony flooring looking top of the line, and maximize the lifespan of the decking.

Once the top of the line Ipe deck is treated the maintenance is very similar to the PVC decking, the oil finish will repel all liquids and keep spills from absorbing into the wood, and make it easy to clean as well.

If you decide not to treat your Ipe deck prior to treatment for your balcony flooring in Annex, it will need to be power washed occasionally and may require some sanding to keep it clean and smooth.

Designed for Building raised wood Structures in Annex

Our Ipe outdoor wood pavers can go in different surfaces like patios, rooftops, outdoor balconies and terraces. 
These top quality hardwood paver squares offer a quick, easy, modular installation using our floating pedestal supports. That means, while they also work great on a terrace or balcony flooring in Annex, we guarantee that these tiles are the easiest way to create a gorgeous space over a cracked, uneven, or sloped roof. 

The Best Adjustable Height Pedestals For Your Balcony Flooring

Our structural tiles are specifically designed for use with adjustable height pedestals as a cost effective means of creating elegant, perfectly horizontal, load bearing decks over sloping, uneven, cracked or unsightly concrete surfaces or rooftops. We guarantee to have the most affordable balcony flooring in Annex! No job is too big or too small for an outdoor flooring project. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you with a quote, deck designs in your Annex outdoor space and more. We will answer any questions you may have so that you will be comfortable with your exciting new project in Annex. Whether you are building a new deck for your family to enjoy, a new front porch to enhance the beauty of your home or a dock by the lake, or outdoor flooring required for your business in Annex – we have the right product, sizes, lengths and quantities that you’ll need to create the best Annex outdoor space of your dreams!



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As the cost per square foot for city properties continues to rise, the average square footage of an urban living space continues to shrink. If you want to maximize the available square footage available to you, the simplest and most cost-effective option is to extend your living space out to your outdoor balcony or patio.

Skyscapes offers a wide variety of unique and beautiful balcony and patio flooring solutions, as well as outdoor décor products, structural tile and pedestal systems idea for asphalt roofs,  wood deck tile maintenance, and patio furniture cleaning and storage services.

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