The environmental benefits of Skyscapes patio flooring products over other alternatives are a feature that our customers appreciate.

Sustainably sourced woods

EcoAllianceEco Deck hardwoods are guaranteed certified with a certificate of origin and full documentation on sustainable harvesting. Our wood sources are approved by the Rainforest Alliance and ABT forestry control. They are also endorsed by the World Wildlife Fund.

The hardwoods used in our wooden deck tiles are purchased by our supplier through certified sustainable forestry programs. These programs are important for sustainable forestry to coexist with the hardwood lumber market. By purchasing our decking tiles, you help us support Bolivian Environmental efforts, which are some of the most strict for countries sourcing exotic wood.

Our lumber is supplied through these initiatives in a reclaimed or remnant format that helps stamp out illegal logging and the illegal lumber trade.

Virtually maintenance-free

Many conventional wooden outdoor decking products require yearly sanding and re-staining of the wood. This is not only time consuming, but the paints and stains negatively impact our environment.

Our Eco-deck tiles do not peel and there is no paint or stain to deal with. The exotic woods we use are so dense, that only a specialized oil is needed to bring the wood back to its original beauty. The oil does not stain the floor underneath which can be a concern with some of the stains that are applied to other deck tile products

Use of “shorts” in wooden deck tiles

Traditional wooden decking creates a lot of waste. The standard order sizes dictate that the wood will be milled to 8-foot lengths, and there is little demand for pieces under 36 inches.

The majority of the demand for these offcuts (called “shorts”) comes from the coal industry, as these extremely dense woods, creates a long burning charcoal product. What a waste!

The designers of the Eco-Deck tiles saw an opportunity to save these shorter pieces of wood and used them to create the EcoArbor line of exotic wooden deck tiles. Using shorter pieces allows for more linear feet to be harvested from each tree. This means every year, tons of lumber is saved, and we can provide beautiful decking product to our customers.

Composite deck tiles from recycled materials.

Skyscapes composite deck tiles are made using a variety of recycled materials diverted from landfill such as plastics and wood fibers. This unique blend of materials creates a very sturdy, durable product, which does not heat up like other composites and weighs almost as much as the wooden deck tiles. This product needs to be seen and felt to appreciate the quality and workmanship.

Do not be fooled, these deck tiles are not even similar to the composite deck tiles available at the big box stores.

Environmental benefits of Skyscapes patio flooringInstall over existing surfaces

Any surface that is flat, self-draining, and reasonably stable can be the perfect foundation for the majority of our flooring products.

Instead of putting more stress on our municipal waste services, and having the stained old concrete pad broken up and sent to the dump, you can re-invent your outdoor space by covering it up with one of Skyscapes premium outdoor flooring products.
Adding planters and quality patio furniture will bring fresh life to your new outdoor space, and make it truly enjoyable for your family and friends.