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3 Things to Consider before Buying Deck and Balcony Tiles

You’ve been looking out at your patio for the last few months, unhappy. It’s drab and uninviting. Up until now you’ve been dealing with it but soon you realize you haven’t been using the patio that much because of how bad it looks. Before you know it, you’re looking for companies that can give you […]

5 Reasons to Use Skyscapes Balcony and Flooring for your Outdoor Deck and Balcony Flooring Needs

Toronto is an interesting place. From people to businesses, it remains Canada’s top spot for style and trends. When you’re thinking of redoing your condo balcony, updating your deck, or replacing your restaurant’s commercial patio in a city like that, how could you go with just anyone? Whoever you contract to renovate any part of […]

4 Ways You Can Easily Care for Your Weatherproof Patio Tiles and Boost Their Longevity

If you’ve invested in a set of our popular weatherproof patio tiles, you’re going to want to learn how to properly care for them. Not only will this help them last longer, but it’ll also allow you to keep your patio and balcony flooring looking great. It’s not impossible to care for your weatherproof patio […]

3 Reasons Why WPC Tiles Make for Great Outdoor Deck and Balcony Flooring

3 Reasons Why WPC Tiles Make for Great Outdoor Deck and Balcony Flooring Teak Composite Tiles and Lights on Toronto Balcony. Ridged WPC Tile seen on balcony floor. Measures 1 by 1 feet. Skyscapes green and blue logo at bottom-left of image.

Balconies are a common sight when you live in Toronto, or anywhere in the GTA. With condos becoming increasingly popular as traditional homes become unaffordable, many condo owners are looking for new ways to upgrade their outdoor deck and balcony flooring. And while some people grab a bristly carpet, roll it out, and call it […]


Warranties balcony flooring

Skyscapes offers a wide variety of unique, convenient outdoor flooring solutions of the highest quality, adding comfort, beauty and luxury to your balconies, patios and terraces. We use only the highest quality products. Our wooden deck tiles are sustainably sourced, and environmentally friendly. Our plastic tiles are made from recycled materials. We proudly offer a […]

Environmental benefits

Environmental benefits Outdoor flooring wood tiles Toronto

The environmental benefits of Skyscapes patio flooring products over other alternatives are a feature that our customers appreciate. Sustainably sourced woods Eco Deck hardwoods are guaranteed certified with a certificate of origin and full documentation on sustainable harvesting. Our wood sources are approved by the Rainforest Alliance and ABT forestry control. They are also endorsed by […]

Service Quality

Service Quality structural tiles

Quality is built into our company, starting with the business infrastructure that has been created to ensure the highest level of customer service. With years of experience working in the service industry, the founders of Skyscapes truly understand what it takes to deliver quality customer service. We took those values to heart when we created […]