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The 6 coolest rooftop patios of 2021

Let’s face it, we live in Canada. This means that winters are long, and summers are short. With more and more cities switching to more sustainable, low-energy buildings, rooftop patios are starting to pop up more frequently. In some cases, rooftop patios are built into architectural plans from the beginning of a project. 

Rooftop patios were once inaccessible to the public. They were primarily used for mechanical equipment or storage. However, cities around the globe are changing this, making their rooftops more accessible to the public. In addition, businesses have opted to create outdoor green spaces amid large metropolises. As a result, rooftop patios are becoming more and more popular due to the incredible views they offer and the privacy they provide away from street noise.

Today, options for rooftop patios are many and varied, including everything from small, intimate spaces to large areas with room for hundreds. No matter what size space you have, you’ll want to maximize your area and make it a true outdoor oasis for your guests.

A rooftop patio can be a great place to entertain or unwind. Additionally, a night at a rooftop bar with spectacular city views is an experience that many travel destinations offer. Some rooftop bars offer fantastic menus and stunning views.

So, how do you create a rooftop patio that has your guests wanting to stop by for brunch, soak up the sun on a warm summer day, or enjoying a frosty drink in the snow? 

“We can crawl to the rooftop and inhale the lights below and stars above as we laugh and forget the world we left on the ground.”

Victoria Erikson

Every great rooftop patio bar starts with a great venue

When choosing a venue, look for one with a spacious rooftop. This allows you to design space for other amenities, such as a large bar, multiple outdoor fireplaces, or ample room for big tents with dance floors, heaters, and lighting.

The best rooftop patios are surrounded by other buildings and offer plenty of breathing room for your guests.

Create an open, airy space

A rooftop patio is the perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the workday. So, create a space that allows your guests to feel the breeze and enjoy plenty of open space.

Don’t close off the space but do strategically position furniture and other design elements so that the space does not feel too open. You don’t want people to feel lost.

Consider hanging large, sheer fabrics that can filter the light. 

Consider hanging plants, which also add texture to your space.

Other ways to open your space include lining the perimeter with giant plants. You can also create depth with raised walls and various sized planters.

Light it up at night

Rooftop patios often have great views of the city, so make sure your guests can enjoy them after dark.

Opt for bright, white patio lights.

10 of the coolest patios around the world

We at Urban Balcony and Patio Flooring love an excellent rooftop patio. Therefore, we have compiled our top six list of the coolest rooftop patios from around the world. Their sleek, functional designs and their creativity have guests escaping traditional indoor dining for these epic views.

Prague, Hotel New York Prague,

The 5 Star Hotel New York Prague boasts 2,000 square feet of space, with a wall of windows that overlooks the Old Town Square. The rooftop bar boasts live music and DJs.

Manchester, St.Georges Gardens,

DeTrafford Developments has constructed a rooftop garden that features a wine bar, outdoor yoga space, and outdoor cinema.

“The landscaping between the lawned grass and relaxed seating is a combination of lush greenery and low maintenance shrubs surrounded by pockets of private lounging and a central rooftop bar, softly lit by ambient lighting make it a perfect destination spot this summer.”

Barcelona, Hotel Plaza Athenee,

The 5 Star Hotel Plaza Athenee boasts several rooftop bars, including Sky Bar, which has 360-degree views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. 

Istanbul, St. Regis Istanbul,

The 5 Star St. Regis Istanbul has a 2,300-square-foot rooftop pool with views of the Bosphorus. 

Montreal, Hilton Bonaventure,

The 5 Star Hilton Montreal Bonaventure rooftop garden bar is located 17 stories from the ground. It includes lush gardens, a year-round pool, and a pond full of goldfish.

Toronto, Bisha Hotel,

Bisha is a 5 Star hotel located in downtown Toronto. Its proximity to the harbour front offers Toronto’s best rooftop views. In addition, located on the 44th floor, is one of Toronto’s best rooftop infinity pools. 

A Rooftop patio is a great summertime retreat, and some people would even call them the “new grill.” While some may be reluctant to take on this type of project, rooftop patios can be as simple as installing trellises or plants that grow vertically and can be trained up a wall. In addition, some cities and towns offer incentives to building owners who create green space on rooftops—so another benefit of covering your rooftop is getting tax benefits.

Tying together the elements of an outdoor terrace, rooftop patios are slowly gaining popularity in many parts of the country. The sun’s rays warm up any rooftop patio. During the summer, a rooftop patio can also be designed to shade patrons from direct sunlight. In the winter, heaters and other winterizing applications can be added to keep your guests enjoying the same outdoor experience. Fun activities like curling sheets, rooftop skating rinks can be incorporated for colder parts of the country. In addition, you can consider seasonally themed outdoor rooms and insulated igloos to elevate the winter-time outdoor rooftop experience.

Rooftop bars and patios are economical to build and often boast stunning views. However, once you experience the rooftop patio life, it will be challenging to go back down to the ground below. With their versatile, innovative design and simple assembly, rooftop patios offer a novel approach to entertaining.

With creativity, imagination, and professional help, you can create a rooftop flooring or bar that your patrons will want to access year-round.

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