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10 Tips for Picking Out Your Condo Balcony Flooring

Condo balcony with Ipe hardwood structural flooring
Condo balcony with Ipe hardwood structural flooring

Nothing is exciting or memorable about having a block of concrete below your bare feet when you are entertaining on your balcony or patio on a hot summer day or night. Concrete, while durable, can be cold, unfriendly, uninviting, and dull. While some people choose to spruce up their grey slab with paint or concrete treatments, the upkeep can be time-consuming and, over time, not very cost-effective.

Whether you are looking to add life to an old patio, refinish the balcony of your new condo, or upgrade your patio design, Skyscapes Balcony and Patio Flooring have a few tips that you should consider before choosing any new flooring for your condo balcony or patio.

Let’s dive in.

1 – Consider Your Existing Indoor Flooring

Your outdoor space should be as aesthetically pleasing as your indoor space. Consider designing your outdoor living space as an extension of your home to lessen the transition between each separate area. Creating an outdoor space as an extension of either your living room, dining room or kitchen, creates balance and flow that streamlines the rest of the architectural design of your home.

An ideal way to create fluidity in your space is to match your outdoor flooring with your existing interior floor. In doing so, you make a seamless transition from indoors to out. 

Consider items such as colour, texture, and the direction of your existing interior flooring to achieve cohesion and connection.

2 – Maintenance is a Must

Before you commit to that floor of your dreams, don’t forget to consider the upkeep and maintenance of your new flooring. If you intend to achieve the least amount of effort to maintain your new flooring, then you may want to steer clear of exotic woods, as they require treatments every one to two years to upkeep.

3 – Make Your Space Your Own

Condo balcony exteriors tend to be cookie-cutter versions of one another. Choose flooring material and patterns according to your style and taste, thus creating a personalized outdoor experience.  Consider how you want your design to integrate with your outdoor theme, the overall experience you hope to achieve and the feeling you want to invoke. Personalizing your balcony allows you to make your condo balcony or patio special and unique.

4 – Modern versus Classic

Select classic trends. Choosing classic and timeless flooring options maintains a timeless feel to your balcony or patio. Over time the look and feel of your balcony will withstand the test of time and maintain not only its appeal but the longevity of your outdoor transformation.

5 – Limit your choices

With so many outdoor flooring options–everything from wood flooring to porcelain, composite decking, granite tiles and exotic wood, it can become overwhelming and daunting to choose the right floor for your needs. 

Keep your main options to a minimum. Choose two or three options within your budget and design goal so that it’s easier to stay focused on that result!

6 – Sample, Sample, Sample

Don’t be afraid to ask for samples of your top balcony and patio flooring choices. Samples help bring a tangible presence and assist you in envisioning the overall look, feel and aesthetics with your existing décor before you commit to installation. There is nothing worse than choosing a patio floor and realizing that it does not deliver the look or feel you had hoped for after it has been installed.

7 – Cheaper is not Always Better

Remember, while we all have budgets to consider, in the long run choosing the cheapest options will not benefit you financially when tiles start to warp, chip and degenrate. 

Save yourself unwanted repairs by selecting only the best products that will withstand the test of time and perform against harsh climates. Over time the return on your investment will have been worth the expense upfront.

8 – Accessorize

Choosing complementary accessories is another way to personalize your outdoor space and add an extra flair to your newly renovated, designed, or redesigned balcony or patio. In choosing complementary accessories, items such as lighting, river rocks and planters can go a long way for functionality and privacy and deliver an overall luxurious feel. 

Nothing livens up an outdoor living space as when you fill it with strategically placed bursts of colour. Everything from oversized outdoor cushions to throw blankets with pops of colour will not only compliment but uplift your environment.

Choose furniture for its functionality and its appeal. In addition, outdoor furniture should provide a comfortable and inviting place for you and your family to unwind and relax after a long day.

9 – Research and Review

It is essential to choose three or four companies to compare quotes. Don’t be afraid to ask for client references and testimonials. Reputable industry certified balcony and patio flooring companies are more than happy to provide you with a list of client names as well as photographs of past jobs they have completed.

Armed with favourable reviews and positive client experiences will give you confidence in your purchase and secure your investment.

10 – A Warranty is Your Guarantee

Look for the highest quality products backed by competitive warranties. 

No matter how well-manufactured products are, inevitably, things can go wrong. Experienced and certified companies provide their clients with warranties that will protect you from the high cost of unexpected failures in your balcony or deck flooring.

As a homeowner, you deserve to feel confident that your investment in your home is protected. Whether your project is big or small, a warranty provides you with the peace of mind to know that your most important asset is secure, with no added cost to you.

Final Thoughts

Updating a tired and drab outdoor balcony and patio shouldn’t be a lengthy project. We are your local Toronto outdoor flooring experts. We will assist when picking the best outdoor patio or balcony flooring that will fit your lifestyle and your family’s needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable installation crews will work with you to recommend suitable types of flooring to meet all your lifestyle and budgetary requirements. Contact us today!

Dave Rea

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