4 Ways You Can Easily Care For Your Exotic wood Weatherproof Patio Tiles

The Exotic wood tiles are extremely weather proof, but it is important for the client to understand that they are going to need a yearly oiling to maintain the dark rich colour. We have other clients who enjoy the silvered sandy/grey colour that comes from leaving the tiles unoiled. The oil application is purely for aesthetics.

If you’ve invested in a set of our popular weatherproof patio tiles, you’re going to want to learn how to properly care for them. This will allow you to keep your patio and balcony flooring looking great.

It’s not overly difficult to care for your weatherproof patio tiles. In fact, there are a few techniques, tips, and other things you can do to keep them in good condition. The wood is so dense that it does not need to be oiled, but it is always an option.

In this article, we are going to explore 4 ways you can easily care for your weatherproof patio tiles.


While your weatherproof patio, deck, and balcony tiles come pre-stained and finished, over time the colour will lighten. Now, you’re probably wondering, how often will I have to refinish them? The answer to this question will heavily depend on the exposure, (Northern exposure has the least direct sunlight) of your balcony, and the amount of foot traffic.

The tiles are installed with a prefinished oil on the the exotic wood deck tiles and pavers. Whether or not you decide to re-oil your tiles  will depend on the look you are hoping to maintain. For extremely specific oiling instructions of your weatherproof patio tiles click here. Like any high-quality flooring, the more you care for it, the better it will look and the more you will enjoy your balcony.


If you prefer the lighter washed out nautical look of the unoiled patio tiles, consider just doing a yearly wash of your weatherproof patio tiles. The natural finish doesn’t require sanding, so just rinsing off any dirt or debris which may have built up, will clear the way for maximum enjoyment. 

We mentioned it above, but one of the simplest ways to care for your weatherproof patio tiles and make your balcony a more inviting space is to clean the balcony floor tiles regularly. While it may seem pointless to clean your outdoor flooring, clean patio tiles will make going out in bare feet a breeze and the last thing you want to happen is for sharp debris like stones, rocks, and glass to create an uncomfortable surface for your feet.

When accidents happen, clean them up right away. It’s important that grease, wine, and food is removed from your outdoor flooring as soon as possible just to prevent any debris that can potentially damage your floor before it becomes a problem.


Most companies will offer you a 3 year warranty for any weatherproof patio tiles that you purchase. Here at Skyscapes Balcony Flooring, we offer a minimum of a 10-year warranty, depending on the product you select.

Should you have any problems at all, we urge you to call us so we can help you fix these problems right away. If you’re paying for premium outdoor floors, you deserve to receive a premium floor. No exceptions!


Sometimes accidents happen and there’s nothing you can do. Just like vinyl flooring, our weatherproof patio tiles can easily be popped out and replaced should an individual tile become damaged.

This provides you with a great deal of flexibility as you are able to replace problem areas in the outdoor flooring that may become damaged from freak accidents like a falling tree, a candle, or something else.

Benefits of a modular decking solution is the tiles are snapped into place, meaning the floor is completely removable. This means the outdoor tiles can easily be snapped in and out.




If you’re looking to buy a set of weatherproof patio tiles, Urban Balcony Flooring is here to help you. We’ve been providing sales and installation services for many years and we love helping homeowners discover how great these patio tiles really are.

We offer the widest selection of weather proof tiles. If you do not like the potential of oiling the exotic wood tiles you may want to consider the porcelain, or composite deck tile options.

Or if you are loving the real wood look and just do not want to have to worry about the maintenance talk to us about our Exotic wood decking maintenance service! (Click here)

We offer our services to interested customers in Toronto, and throughout most of the GTA. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact us today.

  • It’s important that you learn the care that would be required of any product you decide to potentially work with, and especially how to care for your weatherproof patio tiles.
  • Like most woods, your tiles will need to be oiled every year to keep them their dark rich colour.
  • We offer a comprehensive 10-year warranty on all of our patio tiles.

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