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5 Tips for Picking Out Your Condo Balcony Flooring

As you begin to plan what you are going to do with that outdoor space, you will probably already have plans for a plant here, maybe a water feature there.  All you know for certain is that you’re  going to love it!  Even a small balcony can become your own private retreat from the stresses of your day to day.

The best place for you to start on you balcony planning is the flooring.  It is most likely concrete and this will be dusty and very hard to keep clean.  Every time you pop out there in just your socks, you will be greeted with a very cold floor, then you will track dust back onto your beautiful hardwood floors.  The ideal solution to your balcony flooring needs are professionally installed deck tiles.  These can provide you with a practical and sustainable floor that your guests will admire, as you sit back and soap up the compliments about your impeccable taste.

So, here are 5 top tips for how to plan the perfect deck tiled balcony floor

1) Make a budget

As with any home improvement, this is always a great place to start, you should be looking at exactly how much money you have available so that you can plan accordingly.  Having a clear idea of your budget will allow the professional deck tiling install team to offer you balcony flooring solutions that you can afford.

You should carefully consider that with a higher price point per square foot, you inevitably get higher quality.  For this reason, you should always ask how durable a material is and how long you can expect it to retain it’s great look.  You really do get what you pay for when it comes to balcony flooring, so spending just a little more per square foot can save you a lot of money in the long run.

2) Check the condo building rules

Even though you are the owner of your condo, condo boards have a clever way of keeping some of the control of what you can and can’t do to your balcony.  It is most likely considered to be a common area, that you have exclusive access to.  As you go through the process of choosing deck tiles for your balcony, you should definitely check in with the condo board for the rules on what you can and can’t do.

The biggest thing to check is the height of your railing before and after your deck tiles are installed.  If the deck tile is too thick, then there is a possibility that your balcony railing will not be high enough.  This is something that if the building management notice during one of their regular inspections, you will need to remove the flooring, or they will remove it for you.  Most condo boards have a process for ensuring that the modifications that you are about to make to the balcony are allowed, so it is certainly worth checking with them before starting the project.

3) Is your balcony covered?

The type of deck tile that is used in your balcony will be subject to wear and tear.  You will need to take a good long look at your balcony and determine exactly how exposed the flooring will be.  Is your balcony covered, or will the flooring be exposed to the elements all year round.

A balcony deck tile installation expert will be able to help you choose the right deck tile material, from Composite Deck Tiles, Porcelain Outdoor Pavers to Ipe Wood Pavers for your specific needs and exposure to the elements.  Choosing the right material is very important, as you want the great look and feel of your outdoor space to remain as long as possible.

This is also something that you should consider when buying decorations and other features for outside.  You should not buy anything that is not strictly for outdoor use.  Not only will they deteriorate quickly, they will also lead to water retention on the balcony that can cause a buildup of mold and water that cause damage to the deck tiles.

4) Take a look at a floating floor

As your balcony floor will be exposed to the elements, having a floating balcony floor installed is a great option.  A floating deck tile has some room underneath it that allows air and water to move freely underneath it.  This is very good for the drainage of the balcony and it makes it a great deal easier to keep clean.  It also has the great advantage of being semi-permanent.  So that if you want these deck tiles to stay forever, they will always look great.  However, when you come to sell your place, you may find that you want to remove it so that the new owners can add their own style to the floor.

5) Have a plan for winter

Even though many deck tile materials are more than capable of surviving the Canadian winter unscathed, it doesn’t hurt to give them some additional protection in the winter months.  This can be as simple as putting a tarp over the floor, especially as you probably won’t be out there during the worst of the winter.  You should also not allow snow to build up and remain on your balcony, the same way that you would want to clear any deck, your deck tiles need a little extra care now and again.

You should also think very carefully about when you are going to bring your plants inside.  Even before the cold snap begins some of your plants may start to die unless you offer them the warm comfort of your condo.  Being proactive here can save you the expense of having to buy a whole new set of herbs and plants for your outdoor oasis.  Don’t forget to bring in anything else that you might have out there.  Many people use their balconies for storage, so it can be easy to forget something that has been out there for the whole of summer and spring.  All it takes is a quick little look around as the cold weather hits, so that you don’t have any nasty surprises.

Please review my “Top 10 Tips for Picking out your Condo Outdoor Flooring” blog post.

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