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3 Things To Consider Before Buying Deck And Balcony Flooring Tiles

You’ve been looking out at your patio for the last few months, unhappy. It’s drab and uninviting. Up until now you’ve been dealing with it but soon you realize you haven’t been using the patio that much because of how bad it looks. Who would want to spend time on a cold concrete balcony? Before you know it, you’re looking for companies that can give you the remodel you need.

There are a couple of outdoor flooring companies selling deck and balcony tiles with installations in Toronto and the GTA.

How do you pick which of them to do the job?

Here are some criteria to think about before contracting out the main element of your balcony’s facelift, the balcony flooring:


How much are you willing to spend? There are so many outdoor flooring products to choose from, all abide by condo bylaws, all have their own look and style, some are maintenance free, others will require yearly exotic wood oil applications. 

Who likes to be teased with products that could break the budget! Best strategy to avoid stretching the budget is to outline a budget, what you’d like to spend on the whole project and then a budget focuses your plans and keeps you from obsessing about options outside of your price range. Most companies should be able to provide you with a range of different Work with a company that doesn’t push you towards the most expensive option. Set up a consultation with those who listen to what you want and point you down the right path while keeping your budget in mind.

With 5 years of experience and many happy customers, we pride ourselves on our unique customer service approach. We offer a wide variety of styles and sometimes bring a display trailer to quotes, if required.


There’s nothing worse than being quoted how long a job is going to take then having the finish line pushed back over and over again. It can depend on the materials you’ve chosen to install, but a large part of the blame goes to the contractor who isn’t prioritizing the customer.

One of the best reasons to choose us is because of the specific deck and balcony tiles we use. Environmentally friendly, EcoDeck deck tiles are modular tiles that make installs a breeze. They’re designed for use with adjustable height pedestals, making them-effective and a great choice for load bearing strength. Finished floors are perfectly horizontal, no matter the surface they’re installed on.


The only limits to your perfect deck, patio, or balcony should be your creativity. If a company says they don’t offer something, they can’t provide certain samples for you, or your choices are severely limited based on your budget, look somewhere else. You should have variety at any price point and expect friendly, professional service from the company you’re hiring.

If you can think of it, we can make it. Let us give you an urban hideaway that’s exactly what you see in your head. Tired old backyard deck, roof top of garage, condo balcony, backyard patio, you name it, we can install it. Select from one our wood or word and composite (WPC) deck tiles and we’ll design the installation you’ve always wanted.

Looking for help? I suggest you read our recent blog post titled “10 Tips for Picking out your Condo Balcony Flooring” today!


Skyscape’s Balcony and Flooring is Toronto’s trusted source for your outdoor flooring needs. We’ve been serving customers in need of new roof top decking and balcony tiles for the better part of a decade. By giving us the opportunity to work with your family, we can provide you with the variety of modular decking to choose from, professionalism, and fast installation you deserve.

Let us give your family their own personal urban oasis.

If you are interested in upgrading your roof top deck or condo balcony flooring in Toronto, be sure to reach out to a member of our sales team today.

  • Take time to consider your budget and what kind of deck and balcony tiles you think would be best before spending money. Our team can provide estimate and ranges of pricing over the phone.
  • Choose a company that cares about results and leaves its customers completely satisfied. Our 4.9 Star Google Rating speaks for itself.
  • Skyscape’s Balcony and Flooring has served Toronto and the GTA for 6 years. Book a free consultation with us to find out exactly what we can recommend to meet you budget, taste and style.
All the best,
Dave Rea

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