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3 Reasons Why WPC Tiles Make for Great Outdoor Deck and Balcony Flooring

Teak Composite Tiles and Lights on Toronto Balcony. Ridged WPC Tile seen on balcony floor. Measures 1 by 1 feet. Skyscapes green and blue logo at bottom-left of image.

Balconies are a common sight when you live in Toronto, or anywhere in the GTA. With condos becoming increasingly popular as traditional homes become unaffordable, many condo owners are looking for new ways to upgrade their outdoor deck and balcony flooring.

And while some people grab a bristly carpet, roll it out, and call it a day. There are other homeowners that want something a little more stylish, durable, and worth the hassle. When it comes to your outdoor deck and balcony flooring, WPC deck tiles are a great option.

We’re big fans of WPC deck tiles here at Urban Balcony Flooring because we believe they provide homeowners with a sensible way to upgrade the look of their decks and balconies without typically needing zoning approvals and the need to meet other tricky condo association regulations.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with 3 reasons why you should consider WPC deck tiles when it comes to upgrading your outdoor deck and balcony flooring.

1. WPC Deck Tiles Make for Durable Outdoor Deck and Balcony Flooring

Look – your decks and balconies take a beating. Not only from general use, but from the effects of weather as well. Where stone often wears down over time due to the effects of water seeping into cracks and eroding the stone, WPC deck tiles are resistant to these effects so long as they are installed over an even-level, self-draining surface.
How does that work?

WPC deck tiles are primarily made of wood, but include a thick layer of plastic that allows you to lock the WPC deck tiles in place and also allows for water to properly drain. Because the WPC deck tiles snap into place, they are extremely durable, capable of surviving our harsh Canadian winters, and they look stylish in the process.
They also help protect your original concrete finish from getting damaged by simple things like dropped objects, direct exposure to the elements, and more.

2. They Bring a Lot of Style to the Table

It’s no secret that the average balcony is pretty unappealing to look at. Toronto is full of skyscrapers, condos, and other concrete structures. When you consider how many balconies the average condo has, there’s good reason why homeowners want to make their space their own.

Many people make the mistake of thinking all WPC deck tiles look the same. One of the reasons why they are a great outdoor deck and balcony flooring option has to do with the fact that they come in a wide variety of styles.

Take for example the different options we offer. We have many different styles of wood available, but we also allow you to choose the color of your composite. While most companies offer a stock color of composite, we feel that it’s important to provide you with options through every step of the process as it allows you to create the perfect balcony flooring for your condo.

3. No More Water-Logged Rugs

It may seem tempting to roll a carpet out on your balcony. That is until it rains. With WPC deck tiles, you never have to worry about water-logged rugs filled with nasty debris and other unknown substances. Our deck tiles eliminate this problem all together. You can roll the rug up and throw it down the garbage chute (please don’t actually do this, roll it up and take it down to the garbage area).

About Urban Balcony Flooring – Toronto and the GTA

Here at Urban Balcony Flooring, we specialize in WPC deck tiles for outdoor deck and balcony flooring. We’ve been serving our customers in Toronto and throughout the GTA for many years.
If you are interested in upgrading your deck or balcony, don’t hesitate to get into touch with a member of our sales team today.

• WPC deck tiles are durable and resistant to weathering.
• Give your balcony a face lift with a stylish looking flooring option.
• We offer free delivery and a 30-minute-on-site installation tutorial for our DIY customers.

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