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Outdoor Flooring – A Great Investment?

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Outdoor balcony flooring is a wise investment

At Skyscapes we believe that your balcony or outdoor space should be an extension of your indoor space with the design elements to match. Regardless of the amount of time spent outside, having a useable outdoor space will not only be more visually appealing compared to the concrete slab, but it will also differentiate your property in the mind of potential buyers.

Allow Skyscapes to transform your Toronto outdoor flooring space into a functional and inviting extension of your home’s square footage, and enhance your condo’s overall style.

Don’t let an ugly outdoor space decrease your property value or the aesthetic value of your indoor space

  • Differentiate your property in the mind of prospective tenants and buyers
  • Don’t stay cooped up indoors! Your new outdoor space is the perfect oasis to escape the stress of everyday life
  • More useable space gives you more options for entertaining guests, working out, or just relaxing.
  • No more dirt or ice build-up on your balcony flooring. No more tracking dirt into your home. The drainage system under our floating floors allows dirt and water to fall through the cracks and wash away.
  • Hate the feeling of those cold concrete floors? Our Eco Arbor Deck Tiles will provide a comfortable surface for your feet.
  • It just looks good – really good!

Increased real estate value

It can be a challenge to set your urban space apart from that of your neighbours when the time comes to sell or rent. To ensure that you receive top dollar for your property, it is essential to stand out from the crowd.

There are many units with identical floor plans in each building, with many of the same fixtures and even views. A beautifully finished outdoor space will be a powerful selling feature and allow you to command top dollar in a very competitive rental or real estate market.

Skyscapes Structural Tiles - Outdoor balcony flooring is a wise investment.Portability

  • Our deck tiles are as easy to take apart as they are to assemble. The best part is that you can easily take them with you to your new place.
  • Our deck tiles are 33mm thick, making them the thickest wooden deck tiles on the market.
  • We provide an industry leading 10-year product warranty, giving you the confidence that you will enjoy our premium outdoor flooring products for years to come.

Outdoor balcony flooring is a wise investment whether you are staying or selling.

All the best,

Dave Rea

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