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Benefits of Installing Decking Tiles

Decking tiles are very easy to work with. It has been said many times that they can be effortlessly installed on surfaces where they are needed. You can definitely rely on these materials when you want to update your deck or patio in an instant. Want to know your options when it comes to these easy-to-install deck tiles? Let’s get started.

The snap-together option

Dura Composite deck tiles

When you notice that your deck is in need of a facelift, you can always rely on the versatility of snap-together decking tiles. These ones can be used to cover cracked concrete surfaces or weathered wood decks. They are perfect too when you want to update your walkways or porches. With this option, you need not spend too much time working on a structure that needs a revamp.

1 – The eco decking option

Eco decking tiles are called as such because they are “green” choices and are eco-friendly. Oftentimes, you do not even need any nail, screw or adhesive to install them on a surface. Another plus for this option is the fact that they come in different patterns that will definitely suit a range of applications. You will love it too because this option is resistant to moisture, heat and bugs. They are also easy-to-clean since they will only require mopping once a year and sweeping only when needed.

2 – The teak platform option

Teak decking tiles are said to be ideal choices when you are enhancing your outdoors to provide a place where you can dine with friends or entertain your visitors. You can use them for garden walkways and for greenhouse flooring as well. They are simple to install since you can assemble them quickly on flat surfaces. You can preserve their original honey colour by using teak oil and a standard cleaning agent.

3 – The recycled option

For those of you who want to make your place gorgeous and at the same time earth-friendly, you can rely on the recycled composite decking tile. These ones are made out of a combination of recycled wood and plastic. What is great about this option is that it allows water to flow underneath it. They can be perfect for both temporary and permanent patio flooring.

4 – The European-inspired option

For those of you wanting to experience how it is like to live in Europe, you can gain inspiration from European grooved decking tiles. This is simply a great choice for those of you who want a chic-looking backyard. Not to forget that they are also very durable, enough to last many years. They can withstand climate challenges well and can resist moisture issues effectively.

5 – The pre-assembled option

If you are looking for a walkway that will not require too much effort on your part, the pre-assembled walkway decking tile is a good one to consider in your list. This looks like a mat that can be placed over glass, wood chips or stone. You can use them if you want an instant walkway for a specific gathering like a summer get-together with your friends or a graduation party for your child.

6 – The honeycomb option

Sometimes, creating your own pattern out of different pieces of decking tiles can be so much fun. This is where the honeycomb option comes in. You will need several pieces of decking tiles and form them into a hexagonal medallion that looks like a honeycomb. You can use this to fit a variety of spaces.

7 – The stone decking option

For patios that are exposed to extreme climates where wood decking will not be a fit, stone decking tiles will be a great alternative. You can use this on top of an existing deck too. It has a special interlocking system and comes in a wide array of colours to choose from. They come in different sizes too, depending on your needs.

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