Why & Where Should You Be Using Deck Tiles?

Many people who are looking to beautify their outdoor living space can rely on stellar materials to achieve the look that they want. Amongst the list of materials to consider when you want reliable outdoor deck flooring are deck tiles. This type of tiles is so versatile that they can be used for a number of purposes. They are also inexpensive and usually do not require a lot of major work done. Want to know why and where you should be using deck tiles? Read on!

Getting to know deck tiles

dura composite deck tiles installed

Before knowing why and where to use deck tiles, it will be best to know what they are first. These tiles are easy-to-install slabs that are used to cover decks or other outdoor surfaces, though it is not uncommon to see deck tiles being featured inside the home. Deck tiles can be easily used to cover existing floor surfaces, whether it is a concrete floor or a wooden floor. They can be made from different materials namely composite, rubber, wood, stone and a variety of plastic materials. Deck tiles are very popular in many home renovation projects these days.

Deck tiles are easy to work with because you only need to remember a few simple things during installation. First, you should consider the surface with which you will install them, making sure that it is clean, flat and dry. Also, you have to consider mounting them on plastic footings in order to guarantee good drainage. Despite their inexpensive price, you can still expect them to perform well in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Add to that, they are very durable options in the world of flooring.

Why should you use deck tiles?

We can expound further on what was mentioned a while ago in order to answer this question. They are easy to install even by first-time DIY users. Interlocking deck tiles do not require any finishing or staining to get the clean, crisp, gorgeous look that you want. Apart from the fact that they are easy to install, you can expect that they are also very easy to maintain. You will not even need a special product in order to clean them whenever necessary. You can even easily remove them in case you need them for another project or you are moving to another place later on.

They also come in a variety of colours, patterns and finishes that make them great for any style that you want to achieve. They are like a piece of decoration that can accentuate the area where you will install them. You can even mix and match colours and patterns if you want or just go for the traditional wood that will definitely still create a ‘wow’ factor.

Where can you use deck tiles?

If there is one word that will best describe deck tiles then that will be no less than ‘versatile’. They may be called deck tiles thus making you presume they are meant to be used on decks. Actually, you can use them in other areas beyond that too. Yes, besides using them on your deck or patio, you can also install them in areas that requires redoing the floor. Take for instance your shed or gazebo.

You may be quite surprised too that they are not just made for the outdoors. You can install them indoors too especially if you have a sunroom that leads to your patio. Use deck tiles in this regard to maintain the flow between the spaces in your sunroom and patio.

Other great ways to use deck tiles will be to utilize them as flooring for your children’s playhouse. It can also be used as a roofing instead of a flooring option. You can also use them for special projects too like when you are creating a garden walkway or you want something to secure your pool’s edges.

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